Sunday, October 3, 2010

Hi hi hi hi

Helloo people of the bloggers i am back and have tons of things to say!!! first i am on facebook now so if you you want to contact me more look there ( sharon are you on?, if you r leave a comment k? telling me you r so that we can contack more) anyway i am happy and enjoying life and just recenty sent a letter to my birth mom that waz really cool so ya!!! anyways i will write more and keep up to date i promise i love all who read my blog and really injoy reading others (yes people r writeing more!!!) also i might get my OWN blog because so i will tell you if i get one. but i do love life and injoy my belessing and am thankful everyday 4 them!!!! bi

Rachel <3>
here r some pics of me!!!

P.S i am almost 12 and am sooo excited!!!!

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Sharon said...

Hi Rachel,
I just came across your blog and saw "ME" in it. How are things going? It looks like you are doing some fun things. How's school?
I am on Facebook but you can also contact me through email.
I hope you has a great Christmas!